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What is CPA? What is Peerfly? How to Make Money with the Best CPA?

Click Per Action (CPA) Network is an affiliate program where the advertiser pays for each specified action.That action may be acceptance of a limited or free trial, a form being filled, a survey submission, an email or zip code submission (the last is my favourite!) etc. Advertiser only pays for the ad when the desired action has occurred- and you get instantly paid. I hope you understand!

You get paid every time someone just submits their postal code or email!

Peerfly is my favourite and best voted CPA affiliate program with very high payouts and totally unique offers. is an Internet property of Avlo Media Inc.

Peerfly Company Address: 15202 NW 147th Drive, Suite 600 - Alachua, Florida 32615

Phone: 888-400-4359 ext. 585

I love CPA email and zip code offers because there is nothing to do with selling and no credit card is needed!

Can I Really Make Money with Peerfly Affiliate Program? Yes- it´s the Best CPA!

peerfly banner1 is the best CPA affiliate network (program) for beginners and offers very easy and effective way to make money.

The dashboard is user-friendly compared to other CPA networks.

In this moment PeerFly CPA affiliate network has over 1,280 active affiliate offers. You can find easily new offers, top converting offers and the top EPCs. You can also see a conversion rate history for any offer on PeerFly affiliate program.

Sign up right now as a Peerfly publisher (affiliate) and let's make some money!

How to Promote Peerfly Network best CPA Offers? Tips for Beginners!

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Peerfly affiliate program accepts almost any traffic source, but you must check every CPA offer allowed marketing and restricted marketing methods (never use classiefied ads!). Almost see allowed countries section.

As a Peerfly affiliate you must look for different methods of promoting your best CPA offers so that you can make a huge amount of money from it.

For beginners:

1. You can make your own videos and promote them in YouTube, Dailymotion, Metacafe etc. and write your affiliate link below the video- great and free way to make money. If you don't know how to make advertising campaignes or build web pages- it's for you!

2. Write articles and submit them to article directories with a link to your cpa offers at the end of the article. It's very effective and free method to promote Peerfly affiliate program CPA offers.

For CPA marketers:

1. Build your website and promote unique, popular Peerfly CPA offers with high CTR.

2. Use different advertising platforms like Google Adwords, Microsoft Adcenter, Looksmart, Facebook ads, Myspace etc.

3. Pay $5 on and someone will help you to promote Peerfly CPA offers as you want.

Pay attention to this example about Peerfly affiliate program marketing methods:

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Really cool is that you can make a great amount of money even on autopilot with Peerfly CPA Affiliate Program.

You need traffic, traffic, traffic- only focus to it and you can make good money with best Peerfly CPA offers 100% without selling at all. Promote offers which require the visitor to enter some information (full name, address, zip code etc.) and you get paid every time the visitor completes that action! Incredible, but true and very simple!

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How to get Paid from Peerfly Affiliate Program? Best Payment Methods?

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Payment Methods of Peerfly CPA Program:

1. Paypal- instant payment

2. Wire- same day payment

3. Check- takes 1-3 weeks

4. ACH (US only)- takes 1-3 days

5. Payoneer- get your money within two hours

Minimum Payout of Peerfly CPA Program: $50

Payment schedules of Peerfly CPA Program:

1. Daily- within 8 hours or 3 days

2. Weekly- every Wednesday for earnings accumulated from the week prior

3. Bi-Weekly- every Wednesday for earnings 15 days ago and prior

4. Net7- 7th of the month for the previous months earnings

5. Net15- 15th of the month for the previous months earnings

6. Net30- last day of the month for the previous months earnings

Peerfy CPA Program Step-by-step Sign-up in Less than 3 Minutes

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In order to begin making money on the Internet with best Peerfly CPA offers, you will need to sign up as a publisher (affiliate) and be accepted with a CPA affiliate network (program). It's very simple:

1. Click Sign Up link below and fill out "Publisher Signup" short form.

2. Your email and phone will be verified instantly and automatically.

3. Answer questions about promotion methods you intend to use (for example youtube, PPC, banner advertising etc.) and confirm how you want to receive your payments from Peerfly CPA network.

4. Once you have been approved, you will have instant access to all Peerfly affiliate program unique, popular and high converting offers. Success!

For fast approval into Peerfly go to signup page from here:

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